About Bonnie

Bonnie Lou Bair

As a Licensed Clinical Counselor from 1996-3/31/2019

I’ve helped individuals break through the obstacles that have held them back in life and reach their goals for over 20 years now.  By asking the right questions and empowering them with the proper tools and techniques, I've helped my clients take action in pursuit of their goals and ambitions. 

Now, I'm offering Communication/Relationship Classes and Private Meetings for anyone desiring adjustments to their lives and relationships.

My Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication Public Communication and Human Relations from WIU in 1986 and my Master's Degree in Rehabilitation from U of I in 1991, 

allow me to do it! 

Thank you to everyone who has helped me and prayed for me along the way!


My Story

Counselor to the Core

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications/Public Communications and Human Relations from Western Illinois University at Macomb, in 1986 and my Master's Degree in Rehabilitation, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, in 1991.

After graduating from the University of Illinois, I began working in the not-for-profit sector serving individuals with disabilities.  In 1996, I became licensed as a Clinical Professional Counselor and began teaching courses in Healthy Relationships for a grant funded project in Knox County.  Shortly afterwards, I began working as a Counselor/Instructor serving Inmates at Henry Hill Correctional Center.  I also taught courses for Carl Sandburg College in Social Psychology, Education to Careers, and Safety and Well-being. 

Later, I started Life Improvements to provide counseling services to the general population.  In 2006, I moved the office to it's current location.  

Although most of my work has been with adults, I have worked with clients of all ages. 

Marriage/Couples Counseling is one of my specialties, as is helping individuals who deal with anxiety and bi-polar disorder.  My desire is for strong marriages and happy families.

In 2017, I self published two books I authored.  They are "We Smile" and "Life 101 Affirmations" for Life Improvements, Marriage Matters, Parenting, Spiritual Growth, Healing, and Relaxation (with coinciding Cd's). They are available for order at bookstores and through Amazon or Amazon Smile.

Beginning in April of 2019, I provide 3 hour Relationship/Communication In-Service Training's to Schools/Companies, etc.  I also provide 6 week "We Smile" classes and 6 week "Purposeful Living+Loving in Confidence" classes, to engaged and married couples, as well as singles within the community.  My hope is to increase communication/mutual respect in relationships among all ages, while increasing longevity in marriages.